Byzantine Catholic Church in Slovakia
Greckokatolicka cirkev na Slovensku


New Byzantine Catholic Eparchy in Bratislava was erected on Wednesday 30 January 2008. The roman pope Benedict XVI appointed as the new bishop father Peter Rusnak, the actual parish priest and protopresbyteros in Bratislava. The eparchy of Preshov was erected to archeparchy and bishop Jan Babjak was appointed as archbishop. Further, the status of the Apostolic Exarchate of Kosice was changed to eparchy.

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Welcome on the webpage of the Byzantine Catholic Church in Slovakia!

Saint Cyril, Apostle of the Slavs Saint Methodios, Apostle of the Slavs       Our aim is to introduce you the Byzantine Catholic (Greek Catholic) Church in general and especially that of Slovakia. (Both expressions - Byzantine Catholic and Greek Catholic are used.) We would like to approach you the history, traditions, spirituality, art but also the contemporary life of our church. The byzantine-slavonic rite is a heritage of the Apostles of the Slavs Cyrill and Method, the co-patrons of Europe. We consider our rite as a special gift (charisma) that enriches the whole Church and helps to restore the unity among all eastern churches.
      In English language you will find here basic information on the Byzantine Catholic (Greek Catholic) Church in Slovakia, on her structure, history and on the byzantine-slavonic rite and spirituality. You can admire also the beautiful icons in classic style (contemporary Slovak iconography) and enjoy the church choir chant in mp3 audiofiles (in Church Slavonic and Slovak language). You can leave your impressions, comments and reminders in our guestbook.
      We are preparing the music sheet of some church chants of the Carpathian region.
      In the complete Slovak version you will find many more interesting articles, e.g. patristic texts, articles and documents on ecumenism, liturgy and spirituality in our church, liturgical texts…


      - Introduction (basic information + structure, history, rite and spirituality)
      - Icons (contemporary Slovak iconography)
      - Church music (mp3)
      - Guestbook  (read it  or  sign it)
      - Biography of our bishop and martyr Pavel Gojdic, OSBM (1888 - 1960), the victim of communist regime.



07-11-2005.  New audiofiles (mp3) of the Choir Chrysostomos from Bratislava (from the new CD Slava na vysostiach Bohu - Slava vo vysnich Bohu).

08-14-2003.  New audiofiles (mp3) of the Akathistos to the Mother of God (Choir Chrysostomos from Bratislava).

02-01-2003.  New audiofiles (mp3) of the Choir Chrysostomos from Bratislava.

10-01-2002. The Guestbook is working again, you can sign it. Thanks.

Saint Cyril and Methodios, pray for us!

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